Barrel Program

Welcome to the Brix barrel experience.

Brix 20ltr custom barrels are available for individual purchase. Not that we think you need an excuse but the Brix barrel is perfect for a gift or special occasion, perhaps because you love being part of a unique experience or like us, it's just because you simply love Rum.

Come in to Brix and choose if you want your personal barrel to be lightly or heavily charred, ex-Whiskey, Chardonnay or Shiraz cask.

Select your preferred barrel style and then join our head distiller, Shane, in the distillery to be part of the distillation process before filling your barrel yourself.

Once filled, it's time to sign it, seal it, stamp it and stack it right here on site in the Brix barrel room for minimum 2 years where it will be aged until fully matured.

Over the maturation period it is our pleasure to welcome you into Brix for a tasting and sampling session to have full control over when you feel maturation of your barrel is complete.

Purchase of any Brix barrel comes with a tour and tasting for 4 people, a lifetime membership to Brix Family which allows for Bar discounts of 10%.

First release barrels cost $3500.00 +GST (excise included)